German Test Results & Visa Update

Visa Update: My boss called the Employment Board and they have received all the documentation we sent them.  Things are apparently on track and it will take them 2 weeks to process the documents.  Hopefully, I will hear something from them on the 25th November.

German Test: I had my first test for my German course and to be honest, I was really nervous about it.  Sorry to everyone who follows me on Twitter and had to put up with me stressing out.  The test itself was much easier than what I expected it to be, I was expecting it to be much tougher.

So how did I do? I got 100%!  *happy dance*  So very pleased about that.  The coloured flash cards I have stuck all around my apartment really helped.  When I had to write down the article of the nouns I pictured the flash card.  It was like the flash card on the kitchen door is pink, therefore it is die Küche, the flash card on the TV is blue therefore it is der Fernsehapparat and the flash card above my bed is yellow, therefore it is das Bett.  Go visual memory! If you are struggling to learn the article of the nouns, I definitely recommend coloured flash cards.

To celebrate, I’m going to watch the latest episode of NCIS – in English!  Yeah, I really know how to party.

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