Pommes mit Mayo

Pommes frites med salatmayonnaise
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In Australia, you are given two choices of condiments to go with your chips/fries – tomato or BBQ sauce.  Therefore, I had never tried mayonnaise with chips as it was one of those ‘weird things’ they did in Europe and definitely not what was done in Australia.

My first encounter with pommes mit mayo was my very first day of work when the guys took me to the local currywurst haus for a ‘traditional’ German meal.   I liked what I tasted but I wasn’t completely sold on it.

In the past six weeks, I have grown to love my pommes mit mayo so much so that I now choose mayo over ketchup as my condiment of choice.  In fact, I’ve only used my bottle of ketchup once and that was so I could have pommes mit mayo und ketchup. Fantastic combination.

If I ever return back to Australia, I think I’m going to have to invest in a bottle of mayo as I won’t be ever be able to eat my pommes without it again.

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8 thoughts on “Pommes mit Mayo

  1. This is my favorite now too. Picked up traveling on the continent, and gets me disparaging looks when I try to get it in the UK and quizzical looks when I’m back in the US. But I don’t care. Yum!

  2. And here I always thought Aussies put vegemite on everything in sight ;)

    I really need to go visit Australia sometime and cure myself of these unwarranted assumptions. Right now, when it’s all cold and gray and rainy here, would be a perfect time. The idea of going some place warm and sunny is really appealing.

    Especially if all the men look like Hugh Jackman…

    • We put Vegemite on a lot of things, but we draw the line at chips.
      Unfortunately, not all Australian men look like Hugh Jackman, actually very few of them do, but it is nice and sunny there at the moment and a great place to escape the northern hemisphere winter.

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