Lost in Translation

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I was just paid a visit by the lady who lives next door who was coming to tell me something very important.  However, I don’t speak German and she doesn’t speak English, so we just had to make do in German.

The jist of the conversation (as I understood it) was that there is something wrong with her boiler and so if she is having a shower and then I start my shower at the same time, she loses all her water.  Her boiler will make a terrible sound (and actually I have heard this sound a couple of times) so if I turn on the water and I hear this sound it means that she is having her shower.  Something was mentioned about the Haus meister (landlord/apartment super) , I think she has told him about the problem.  However, I didn’t get if he is going to fix it or when it will be fixed.  I also accidentally referred to her as “du” (bad, bad thing to do to someone you don’t know and who is your elder), I apologised and corrected myself, but she laughed it off and said I could call her “du” (phew!).

She asked me when I shower and how long I’ve been here and I explained very badly, that I shower at nights and that I have been living here for 6 weeks (that one took more explaining then it really should have, cause I forgot the word for week *head slap*).

It was a wonderful conversation accompanied mainly by hand gestures and charades and to be honest, I was impressed that I understood as much as I did.  However, still annoyed that I didn’t understand all of it nor could I really converse with her.

Now, however, I’m kinda scared to have a shower.  I’m wondering if I should have a shower in the morning, but since I said that I shower at nights, what if she plans to have her shower in the morning?  Maybe if I shower late at nights that might work? I really don’t know.  I now have angst about the shower. I hope the haus meister hurries up and fixes it.

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