Goals For Next Week

I figure if I write down the things I want to accomplish next week, it will hold me accountable and I might actually do them, so here it goes.

1. Do the C25K three times next week – I’m going to do week 1 again as I only did it twice last week due to the rain.  On the days I don’t run, I’m still to go for a morning walk.

2. Keep to my ‘Less Sugar’ promise – no juice, no chocolate milk, no afternoon bottle of Coke.

3. Work on improving my German – in the past few weeks besides going to German class, I’ve done nothing to improve my German.  Call it homesickness/culture shock/whatever, but I’ve stopped watching German TV, listening to German podcasts or speaking German unless I have to.  That has to stop now.  One of the reasons I was so excited to come to Germany was so I would have the chance to become bilingual.  I need to start work on that.

4. Go to bed by 9:30m, 10pm at the latest on weeknights – I need to get more sleep.  I can’t stay up so late any more and not expect to be totally exhausted by Friday.  I get a pass on Wednesday nights as Improv doesn’t finish until 10pm.

Hopefully I can achieve all of these this week.

Does anyone else set themselves weekly goals?  If so, what are yours for this week?


One thought on “Goals For Next Week

  1. Yes I always set myself reasonable goals. I am an expat in Italy working on promotion of a novel coming out next June, and having as many short stories published before I send out my collection. So every day I must send out work, or at least a few query letters. On the home front I must do two hours piano practice or else, and swim 2 km three times a week to keep supple after all those computer hours in winter in my cold house. Forget sugar it’s poison and restrict carbs and yeast – both make you drowsy as well! Ciao cat

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