My Sugar Addiction

I’ve come to realise that I consume way too much sugar.  I sat down and thought about how much sugar I have per day and the results were terrifying.

Breakfast: A glass of juice – sugar

Mornings: 500mL of chocolate milk – sugar

Lunch: A glass of Coke – sugar

Afternoons: A 500mL bottle of Coke – sugar

Dinner: A glass of ice tea or Coke – sugar

Therefore starting today, I’m going to reduce the amount of sugar I’m consuming. I’m not going to cut out refined sugar entirely as I want to keep having the stuff I enjoy, but I need to keep it to a minimum. Therefore, the 500mL of chocolate milk and the bottle of Coke are gone.  Once I finish my current bottle of juice it is also gone.  I will keep (for now) the glass of Coke with lunch as the caffeine withdrawal would be brutal and I will reduce the amount of ice tea I have with my dinner.

Wish me luck, as not having my afternoon bottle of Coke to ward off the post-lunch slump is going to be tough.


6 thoughts on “My Sugar Addiction

    • I already eat a fair bit of fruit both at home and at work (we get a fruit box every week), so not really sure why I’m drinking the juice other than it tastes nice, so out it goes.

  1. At some point I pretty much stopped drinking Coke and other beverages like that regularly. I’m down to water for most meals, with a Kaffee Latte a few times a week — but no added sugar, and Coke if I am eating lunch out. Dinner is usually water or wine, maybe tea–but rarely do I add sugar.

    • I used to be like that. I gave up Coke and didn’t touch the stuff for 5 years, but severe jet lag had me reaching for a Coke and the addiction was back again. *sigh*

  2. When I cut out Coke from my diet and replaced it with plain old-fashioned water it made a big difference in my energy levels and overall health. I eventually also gave up sugar in my coffee (*my* caffeine addiction) and haven’t looked back since. You won’t regret it!

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