Crazy Weather We’re Having

Heavy Rain Shower

Image by AlmazUK via Flickr

This is the weather that Hamburg has experienced today:

Snow – which occurred very early this morning so I missed it *cry* and it didn’t stay on the ground.

Heavy Rain – I got this on my walk to the station, thanks universe.

Sleet – I was safely in the office by the time this started up.

Sunshine – Completely unexpected

Rain – again *sigh*

Thermometer was stuck around 2-4C until about 1pm and is now up to a balmy 8C at 5pm.

Now waiting for all the Germans to tell me this is perfectly normal. :)

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6 thoughts on “Crazy Weather We’re Having

  1. Sounds downright typical for N Germany. Wet, cold. You’ll like deep winter better. While colder, snow’s a lot nicer than cold rain.

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