Sparen am Strom

This ad has been confusing the hell out of me for weeks.  See if you can guess what this ad is about. Understanding the dialogue won’t make it any clearer. Basically all they are talking about is how wonderful the town is.

Do you know what they are advertising?

It’s an ad for an electricity company.  I guess I’m used to ads that show the product they’re advertising.


5 thoughts on “Sparen am Strom

  1. Well, the whole thing is a pun on the word “Strom” which can mean either “electric power” or “stream” (as in “river”).

    So “sparen am Strom” means “save on your electricity bill” as well as “saving next to the river”.

    Oh, this wonderful language… :)

    The actor is Bastian Pastewka, a reasonably famous comedian:

  2. >So “sparen am Strom” means “save on your electricity bill” as well as “saving next to >the river”.

    Yes. And no for the second interpretation. They introduced “Sparen” as the name of the village and “Strom” as the name of the river (as Klaus wrote, “Strom” is another word for “Fluss”; usually used for smaller, faster ones). It’s the same construction as in “Frankfurt am Main”. You can clearly see this by the typical yellow sign in the beginning of the video.
    Anyway, Bastian Pastewka is regarded as one of the best comedians in Germany – even though or because his humor is rather subtle, I’m not sure. I like him very much.

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