Sunday in the Park

I took my camera down to Stadtpark, about a 5 minutes walk from my apartment, to take some photos of the gorgeous scenery.  Due to a patchy internet connection, I’ve only just been able to get these uploaded.


A view of the large lake in the middle of the park.



A romantic looking bridge crossing one of the many streams.



When the sun is out Germans love to sit in wooden deckchairs and soak up the warmth. This guy was sitting all by himself in the middle of a large field.



Gorgeous autumn colours in the Park



A hidden pathway



Looking across the lake towards the Planetarium



The Planetarium



Some play equipment just sitting in the middle of the forest.



Wandering through the forest


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4 thoughts on “Sunday in the Park

  1. Aaaah, wonderful German autumn. The air never feels better. As long as there is some sun. Hamburg really has 2 degrees now in the morning? Almost 30 here in Taipei…

    Go see a show in the planetarium, I think they also have them in English. It’s worth it.

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