Today is D-Day – Departure Day.  Suitcase is packed and could best be described as bursting at the seams and about 6kg overweight.  Not looking forward to paying the excess baggage fee.

I’m now worried about my suitcase not making it to Hamburg.  British Airways isn’t known for getting your bags to where you are going.  I’ve made sure it is clearly labelled and it has my German mobile number on it, so it will get to me….eventually.  I guess BA losing my suitcase would be a good excuse to go on a shopping spree. :)

My fantastic German colleagues have organised a furnished apartment for me to stay in for the next 3 months.  It’s out at Winterhunde and right near the Stadtpark and the Planetarium (be still my geeky science nerd heart). Google maps also show two metro stations and a supermarket nearby.  Hard to believe the next time I will sleep in a bed, it will be there.

I’ve got 3 hours before I head off to the airport. To be honest, I wish my flight was earlier cause sitting here thinking about all I’m leaving isn’t doing my emotional state any good.  To say I’m going to be heartbroken saying goodbye to my dogs is a complete understatement. I’m going to miss them so much.  I hope there is someone in my neighbourhood that has a dog so I can get my fill of doggie snuggles.  I’m sure I will see heaps of them in the park of a morning.

Well, next time I update my blog, I will be in Hamburg.  Let the adventure begin!


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