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Yesterday as I scoured the shops looking for something for my Father’s birthday which sufficiently fulfilled his request for ‘something quirky from Germany’  (I got him this),  I found these delightfully cute chocolate frogs from Lindt.

Lindt Froschkönig (Frog King)

However, I had no idea why Lindt would be selling cute little green frogs in February, or really any time at all.  Therefore, I asked the great and wise collective wisdom that is Twitter, but Twitter failed me.

C N Heidelberg suggested that these may be for Valentine’s Day and pointed me towards Lindt’s website that gave a little blurb about the stresses of modern day life when we have too little time to dream of love, but again no definitive proof that this is a Valentine’s Day chocolate (although it’s highly likely that it is).

My question to the great wise Internet is, is it customary in Germany to give our unrequited loves a chocolate frog on Valentine’s Day rather than a chocolate heart?  If so, when did this strange tradition begin?  Or is the Lindt chocolate frog Lindt’s way to differentiate themselves from all the other chocolate makers by shunning the typical heart shaped Valentine’s chocolate for something a little different?

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