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It was my birthday on the weekend, a birthday I spent the previous week trying to forget existed.  I did not want to turn 37.  In fact, I still feel uncomfortable now admitting that I’m 37.  I have no idea what it is about 37 that I dislike so much. When you look at it logically, 37 is really not that much different to 36, but in my mind it is a much disliked number.

So, with my hatred of 37 firmly established, I planned to spend my birthday ignoring it and hiding out at home, preferably eating a metric ton of really unhealthy food.  If emotional eating was an Olympic sport I would be a gold medallist. However, when I woke up on the morning of my birthday, I decided that moping around the house just simply would not do and instead I would tackle my ‘one day’ list.  Everyone has a ‘one day’ list, it’s a list of all those things that you will do one day but never seem to get around doing. Mine is quite extensive.

Therefore, the things I crossed off my ‘one day’ list were:

1. Buy a bike.

Realistically speaking this had moved from my ‘one day’ list to ‘perhaps this month or maybe the next’ list and I had gone ever as far as doing some research, but it was something that I had no real deadline for doing. So, I went and did it.

Bikes, like swords, must have names, so this is Arya – named after one of my favourite Game of Thrones characters.

Isn't she gorgeous?

I’ve ridden her every single day since I got her and have quickly discovered that I’m unfit and I can’t steer. However, I am committed to riding her to work every day (a 10km round trip) to improve my fitness and bike riding skills.

2. Get a hair cut

This is something that I really needed to do, but was scared to as my German language skills are sketchy at best.  I was fortunate to find a place that could fit me in and with quite a few hand gestures, I was able to get what I wanted done across to the hairdresser.  My hair is a little shorter than I wanted, but that’s the fault of my hair rather than the hairdresser.  I forgot that my hair bounces up when it doesn’t have so much weight on it. Oh well, it will grow and the shorter style is quite good for bike riding.

3. See if I could change my phone plan

When I first moved to Germany, I owned my own Android phone so I got a sim-card only phone plan.  However, my poor little Android just wasn’t coping (it was quite an old model) and I really wanted to upgrade to an iPhone plan but wasn’t sure if I was able to.  To my surprise I was able to go to the Vodafone store, explain what plan I had, ask if I could upgrade to an iPhone, sort out all the details, sign the contract and get a new phone – all in German! I have no idea how I did it, but I have a wonderful shiny new phone as a result.  As is always the way, I had a complete language fail 5 mins later, when I went to the Apple store to buy a case for it.

None of these things are really momentous, but it is surprising how much they have already changed my life for the better. I’m committed to riding my bike to and from work in order to get fit and lose weight, I have a hairstyle I like rather than one I hate and I have a brand new phone that does everything I want it to. In short, I’m happy and I feel positive.  Now, if I could just come to accept being 37….

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